About Us

Logaritm Limited offers two distinct but complementing technologies and services:

  • Data Management
  • Industrial Analytics vis Engineering Simulation

Logaritm specializes in data management technologies and approaches that are Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning (AI/ML)-powered and human-guided. Logaritm works with the best of breed to create an advanced and comprehensive Data Solution. Our data services include Data Mastering as a Service –data strategy, cataloging, integration, cleansing, classification.

Logaritm industrial analytics include:

  • Physics-based digital twin for Asset Structural Integrity – the Worlds’ Fastest and Most Advanced Engineering Simulation – 1000x faster than the current FEA tools
  • IIoT-enabled and AI/ML platforms for Energy Management
  • ML-driven Fuel Optimization for ships

We also offer Analytics Maturity Assessment –at enterprise level and for data science/ IT

Our name, Logaritm, is inspired by the Islamic Scholar and inventor of Algebra, al-Khwarizmi (Latinized as Algorithmi), who lived in Baghdad from 780-850c. His name gave rise to the term algorithm.

Our Mission

We combine Data Management and Engineering Simulation to protect large and complex assets with Digital Guardians.

Our Vision

To become a one-stop Asset Structural Integrity in the MENA region.

Our Strategy

We partner with the “Best in Breed” data technology companies to offer “Integrated Data Solution” that solves the data challenges faster, cheaper and at scale.

Our Values

  • Technology Leadership
  • Client Focus
  • Collaboration with Partners
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