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Logaritm key capability is making “data ready” for downstream usage – analytics, dashboarding, reporting, and exploring.

There are three main reasons why Logaritm puts an immense focus on data.

  1. Companies will build their competitive advantage not from the AI/ML models they create, but from the data they own and how they manage it.
  2. Conventional tools and approaches such as ETL/MDM used to manage data are costly, time consuming and don’t scale up in the age of data variety.
  3. AI/ML models are highly dependent on the quality of data input and we want our clients to avoid the “garbage in garbage out” syndrome.
    Our data services are enabled by AI/ML technology and guided by the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who know their data better than anyone else in their organizations.

Logaritm data services cover the following key processes of the data pipeline:

  • Data maturity assessment – maturity, strategy, implementation
  • Data cataloging – discovery, governance, collaboration, security
  • Data preparation – integration, cleansing and classification
  • Data transformation – feature engineering and enrichment

Not only does Logaritm offer effective tools but we provide one-stop “back office” for data services so clients can focus on building and operationalizing analytics and data science models rather than spending 60-80% of their expensive resources – data engineers and scientists– searching, integrating and cleansing the data.

Our data expertise and management tools enable data engineers and analytics teams to build agile datasets at an enterprise scale for a variety of data consumers.

Our Solution partners are shown in the following chart.

Each partner is a leader in their own domain of the data pipeline. Following is a brief about each partner.

Data Maturity Assessment and Strategy

MCG Global Services: The Leader in Information Management

MCG is passionate about our client’s business success. We provide strategy and implementation to make data a competitive asset. We are experts in data architecture, data maturity, analytics/data warehousing, big data, data governance/quality, master data management, and data devops.

Data Cataloging and Collaboration

Alation Data Catalog: A Single Source of Reference

Alation is the data catalog where everyone in your organization can find the data they need to collaborate. Alation automatically indexes your data by source. It also automatically gathers knowledge about your data. Like Google, Alation uses ML to continually improve human understanding. Companies use Alation to work better together, use data with confidence, improve productivity, and index all their data knowledge.

Alation enables users to:

1. See all the data: Alation is a complete repository for all the data assets & data knowledge in your organization. Alation is a single point of reference for your:

  • Business glossary
  • Data dictionary
  • Wiki articles

2. Understand all the data: Alation profiles data & monitors usage to ensure that users have accurate insight into data accuracy. This includes providing insights through:

  • Usage reports
  • Data profiles
  • Interactive lineage

3. Collaborate with the data: Alation provides deep insight into how users are creating & sharing knowledge from raw data. This includes surfacing details that include:

  • Top users
  • Column-level popularity
  • Shared joins & filters


Traditionally creating an inventory of all the data knowledge in the organization has required a time-intensive & people-heavy approach. Alation uses search techniques perfected in the consumer space to simplify & automate creating an inventory of your data assets.Simply connect Alation to your data sources and the system crawls & indexes data assets stored across different physical repositories including databases, Hadoop files and data visualization tools.

Alation automatically ingests technical metadata, user permissions and business descriptions into a central repository that is a foundational resource for all data users in your organization.

Data Integration, Cleansing and Classification

Tamr: Automate your data unification at scale

Tamr makes it fast and easy to replace labor and time-intensive, rules-based data cleaning and preparation with the limitless power of probabilistic, human-guided machine learning.

Use All Your Data

If you can’t unify all your data from across countless, messy, siloed environments, your analyses and conclusions won’t reflect what’s actually happening inside and across the enterprise.

Build Trustworthy Analyses

Human-guided, machine learning continuously refines Tamr’s automated decisioning – so your data and the analyses you perform become increasingly accurate and trustworthy.

Realize Profound Impacts

Because Tamr deals with massive amounts of data at scale, its impact is equally massive. Save millions, even billions of dollars in annual spend. Penetrate new markets, grow customer bases and shape the very future of your company.

Data Wrangling and Feature Engineering

Trifacta: Data Wrangling at Scale

Trifacta accelerates data cleaning & preparation with a modern platform for cloud data lakes & warehouses. Trifacta ensures the success of your analytics, ML & data onboarding initiatives across any cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

Profile, Clean and Deliver Quality Data Faster

Data Quality is everyone’s job. To accelerate data preparation and maximize data quality, Executives, IT, and end users all must have eyes on the data so they are able to see the impact of changes throughout the entire data’s lifecycle.

Analytics Executives

Enable your teams to work with more data, faster so you can execute strategic initiatives.

IT Leaders

Curate information for people who know the data best, while ensuring security and compliance.

Data Engineers & Analysts

Work faster and smarter with a platform that removes bottlenecks and encourages collaboration.

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