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International institute for Analytics: Industry Leader in Analytics Assessment

Logaritm is the Exclusive Partnership ofthe International Institute for Analytics (IIA) in the UAE, GCC and MENA regions.

The IIA was founded in 2010 by Jack Phillips and Tom Davenport, in Portland, Oregon USA, with the belief that competing on analytics is:

  1. The inevitable future
  2. A strategic imperative
  3. Difficult and requires focused and leveraged expertise

IIA is an independent research and advisory firm that works with organizations to build strong and competitive analytics programs. IIA works across a breadth of industries to uncover actionable insights from its global network of analytics practitioners and industry experts.

IIA’s research clients gain access to on-demand consulting, an extensive research library, moderated executive roundtables and its expert network of practitioners. IIA also provides analytics assessments and training services designed to optimize performance at every level in the new data economy.

Tom Davenport and coauthors published some of the industry references such as

The Modeling Agency: Top Analytics Training Provider

The Modeling Agency (TMA) delivers top-notch training content. TMA trains, leads and mentors organizations to establish low-risk and high-impact analytic operations – eliminating years of trial, discovery and wasted resource. TMA moves its clients beyond ‘analytics-as-usual’ to data-driven decisioning that is purposeful, measurable, understandable, actionable, impactful, adoptable and residual.

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