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Logaritm offers four unique platforms:

  • Akselos: a sensor-enabled physics-based digital twin for assessing the structural integrity of critical assets
  • Reengen:for data collection, communication, storage, analytics and visualization for energy management.
  • GreenSteam: for optimizing fuel consumption for vessels.
  • Rapidminer: a general-purpose data science platform


Logaritm is the LEADING partner of Akselos in the UAE, GCC and MENA regions.

Akselos have created the world’s fastest and most advanced engineering simulation technology.
We’re helping leading organizations protect large and complex assets with Digital Guardians.
Akselos simulation models push the boundaries of what modern engineering can achieve. The technology allows for high fidelity simulations of large, complex assets, to optimize engineering processes, asset integrity and sustainability throughout the asset lifecycle


Evolutionary design, revolutionary results. Our customers are reducing CAPEX by 25% with a workflow created by offshore engineers, for offshore engineers.


Bolster your position in the tender process for offshore wind farms by showing that with optimized design you can reduce CAPEX by 25%. By using our software to increase accuracy and avoid over-designing, our customers are enabling evolutionary design and revolutionary results. Akselos provides reduced order modelling which is 1000 times faster than conventional analysis software, and enables many design options to be simulated very efficiently. Fast, parameterized modelling enables the full range of model configurations to be analysed in minutes rather than months

2. Operations

We’ve taken the technology ubiquitously used in design, and applied breakthrough mathematics to make it powerful enough to be used in operations.


Our customers are successfully reducing OPEX by combining condition-based monitoring with a more focused inspection strategy to reduce inspection costs. This is achieved by augmenting risk-based inspection (RBI) with accurate, physics-based simulations. With 24/7 eyes on the asset, operators are in a position to make more informed operational decisions and can maximize the value from RBI.

3. Asset life extension

The Digital Guardian supports safe life extension by helping operators understand the operating envelope of their assets.
Maintaining our critical infrastructure for as long as is safely possible is one of the keys to a sustainable future.
Continue producing and avoid early decom with a more accurate understanding of structural capacity.
Our goal is to enable you to continue operating for as long as it’s safe to do so. The Digital Guardian supports safe life extension by helping operators understand the operating envelope of their assets. Our software has the ability to remove unwanted conservatism and to provide more accurate asset life assessments, while maintaining compliance with industry standards.
Our solution has recently helped a supermajor add 20 years of operating life to one of their ageing, fixed offshore platforms. Previous estimates using legacy technology had presumed it was at the end of its operating life.


Reengen is a scalable and robust Platform-as-a-Service architecture and provides end-to-end data analytics solutions across the energy value chain, from generation to consumption. Reengen tracks the real time condition of your energy assets, monitor energy performance of your facilities and obtain data-driven notifications from anywhere and at anytime you need.
Reengen offers the following advantages:

Universal connectivity

Based on proven industrial communications standards, our platform is fluent in most building management and industrial control system protocols including: KNX, LonWorks, BACnet, OPC, Modbus, Pulse, ODBC, CSV, DDE, SQL and has custom drivers for most building automation systems, sensors, energy analyzers, gateways, smart meters, etc.


3rd Party Application Integration: RESTful APIs for 3rd party application integration or to share data with other departments internally. Energy IoT Platform supports Data ETL Tools: Easily onboard & maintain data integrity; built-in features for the unique needs of different sensor, system and equipment data

Big Data Analytics

Reengen Energy IoT Platform is used enterprise scale as the sustainability platform at numerous major corporations in Europe,North and South America and Middle East, integrating production data from hundreds of independent data sources and millions of sensors aggregated into petabyte scale data sets using highly scalable elastic computation and storage architectures to provide processing capabilities that exceed 1 million transactions per second. Energy IoT Platform Event Orchestration Infrastructure coordinates and implements large-scale automated events & services, which require interaction with multiple systems in seconds.

Predictive Data Science

In Energy IoT Platform, Predictive data science is not just “big data analytics” or “business intelligence” –it’s the next level of insights to be delivered by combining innovative data sources with state-of-the-art analytical methods for energy industry. Our predictive data science modules provide previously unavailable energy and operational insights combining the disciplines of statistics, engineering, operations research, computer science, and others, while utilizing the techniques of data mining, machine learning, and mathematical optimization.


Energy IoT Platform brings your buildings, renewables and grid assets online with the cloud-based horizontally scalable engine behind. NoSQL based database and tailor cut analytical engine for stream processing is designed for cost-effective scale and operations —whether you have a handful of facilities or thousands of buildings and millions of connected devices. The high-performance, scalable database and message bus is designed to handle high volume sensor data and millions of real time computations.

GreenSteam: AI/MLPlatform for Ship Fuel Optimization

Whether you are a vessel owner, an operator or a charter party, maximising operational efficiency and minimising fuel losses is going to be high on your agenda. Understanding how to reduce your fuel wastage is complicated because there are so many variables involved – vessel operational and voyage data, weather and sea state data, fuel quality data. GreenSteam uses ML – the only technology that can make use of all these data inputs to understand where your inefficiencies are.
What you get is deep insight into where your most significant fuel losses are. And accurate, actionable advice on how to minimise them. And measurable financial gains.

Why GreenSteam:

The Accuracy and Reliability of Machine Learning

Operational efficiency gains can only become a reality if the complex interactions between all the operational variables from a vessel can be identified, optimised and measured. Only ML technology can make sense of the way all these factors interact and what impact they have on vessel performance.

Performance Baseline From Historical Data

Using historical vessel data, our ML technology creates a performance model of the vessel. The performance model, created using vessel operational data and AIS, weather and sea-state data, is the basis for how GreenSteam identifies the inefficiencies, however small, that contribute to your fuel wastage.

Modular Approach That Starts With Vessel Data

Our modular approach to operational efficiency starts with your vessel data. You only progress to vessel-based hardware if you want to. We provide you with either predictive advice on how to operate a vessel more efficiently, or as dynamic advice in real-time to the crew on the bridge.

Rapidminer: The Lightening Fast Data Science Platform

Rapidminer builds software for real data science, fast and simple. We make data science teams more productive through a single platform that unifies data prep, machine learning, and model deployment. More than 200,000 users in over 150 countries use RapidMiner products to acquire more customers, reduce financial risk, and increase operational performance. RapidMiner clients include EADS, GfK, Lufthansa, PayPal, Pepsi, Sanofi, Siemens, Telenor, and Volkswagen. RapidMiner has been named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics report, alongside IBM & SAS.

Rapidminer has enjoyed phenomenal growth as indicated by the following statistics.


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