We focus on three major industries.

Oil and gas
Utilities (water and electricity)
We offer the following technologies and services:

Data Services

  • Data maturity assessment and data strategy
  • Data cataloging and governance
  • Data mastering including integration, cleansing and classification for:
    • Migration from legacy systems to new systems
    • Well data mastering – to help the reservoir engineer spend 90% of her time on optimizing the well production instead of curating the data
    • Customer data mastering –for KYC (Know Your Customer) and cross- and upsell.

Industrial Analytics Services

  • Physics-based Digital Twin – Engineering Simulation and Scientific Machine Learning including
    • Design optimization to reduce Capex
    • P&M optimization to reduce Opex
    • Asset life extension and data-driven Risk-based Inspection
  • Fuel Optimization for crude and LNG ships using Machine Learning
  • Data acquisition and communication aboard ships:

Energy and Water Saving

  • Our own integrated platform to drive customer behavior for demand side management

Government Services

  • Find, integrate, unify, cleanse and classify their data
  • Understand the drivers of their KPI performance and their cause & effect relationships
  • Predict the future performance of strategic KPIs
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