Logaritm is the exclusive partners of the US-based IIA (International Institute for Analytics) in the UAE, GCC and MENA regions.

The IIA was founded in 2010 by Jack Phillips and Tom Davenport, in Portland, Oregon USA, with the belief that competing on analytics is:

  • The inevitable future
  • A strategic imperative
  • Difficult and requires focused and leveraged expertise

IIA specializes in the assessment of analytics maturity for organizations and  offer a suite of maturity tools including:

  • Analytics Maturity Assessment (AMA)
  • Business Intelligence Maturity Assessment (BIMA)
  • Analytics Techniques & Technology Assessment (ATTA)
  • Business Intelligence Techniques & Technology Assessment (BITTA)
  • Data-Driven Culture Inventory (DDCI)
  • Decision-Making Skills Inventory (DMSI)
  • Data Literacy and Skills Inventory (DLSI)
  • Analytics Skills Inventory (ASI)