Logaritm data mastering services is making “data ready” for downstream usage – analytics, dashboarding, reporting, and exploring.

Data Mastering involves the following tasks:


  • Integrating, Cleansing, Enrichment & Classification of Asset and Maintenance Data

The quality and reliability of asset and maintenance data in AEM, CMMS and ERP systems is critical for effective asset management and maintenance operations. High-quality data ensures that organizations can make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and maintain the reliability of their assets.

  • CMMS/ ERP Data
    • We review/ validate and correct location hierarchy/ asset registration.
    • , criticality ranking (in conjunction with sections 2.2, 2.3 & 2.4 below), maintenance plan validation, creation and verification, Job plan / task / Object list creation / verification and validation, etc.
    • We create functional locations for projects & schemes as per ISO 14224 and client guidelines.
    • We conduct assignment/ reassessment/ corrections of criticality (equipment/ spares) in CMMS/ERP as per client’s guidelines and contribution from client’s SMEs.
    • We review, verify, validate and create object lists to comply to ensure no equipment is left without maintenance program except those with run to fail strategy.
    • We review, verify, validate and if necessary, create/ amend HSECES multidisciplinary PM job plan with alignment with PS as per client guidelines and performance standards.

Engineering Drawings

  • We optimize manpower estimation/ frequencies/ operation work center/ shutdown requirement/ duration of the job, etc.
  • We quality check the engineering drawings / documents & data etc.
  • We convert engineering drawings, notably P&ID and PFD into intelligence documents.
  • We enhance specifications and missing mandatory data in CMMS/ERP for materials and assets.
  • We review/ validate and correct linking of documents to equipment / materials.
  • We design KPIs and prepare various reports as per client requirements.
  • We create/ amend material numbers in CMMS/ERP for operational spares materials requirement to support day to day plant maintenance activities.
  • We identify/ create new Material numbers for plant modifications/ shutdown activities / schemes / projects.
  • We link plants and storerooms to material numbers and spare parts and with equipment BOM.

2.2.        Review and Update of Maintenance Strategy, Maintenance Management System (MMS), Specific Job Plans, & RCM Programs

  • We review, revalidate and update job plan / creation requisite work execution.
  • We conduct comprehensive review of the routes and sequencing configuration and ensure Job Plans completeness/ accuracy/ worthiness.
  • We revalidate, review and revise PM’s Routes Job Plans in close relation with client’s sites using feedback and input from site personnel.
  • We develop specific job plans, upload in CMMS/ SAP with detailed tasks, drawings, standard practices for the vital and critical assets.
  • We review / create/ update the MMS library of generic job plans and validate them according to maintenance analysis, performed on identical/ similar assets and documented accordingly.
  • We review / create/ update static assets data, link it with the Job Plans and correct it in the CMMS/ ERP as necessary.
  • Asset Criticality Assessment (ACA)
  • We combine SMEs expertise and ML algorithms to rank the criticality of equipment.
  • We use ACA results to recommend the most suitable maintenance strategy (CBM, RBI, PM, Run to Failure) with the highest critical equipment receiving the highest level of attention. The lowest critical equipment operates using a Run to Failure strategy.
  • We use ACA results to drive the work prioritization process, ensuring that activities to maintain, test or inspect equipment most critical to the business will have priority over activities on less critical plants and equipment.
  • Data Cleansing of CMMS/ERP databases for all Critical Rotating, Electrical, I&C, And Static Assets
  • We review, verify and update CMMS/ SAP asset specifications’ static data sheets for all client assets and link and attach the following documents to each data sheet:
    • Equipment design databases.
    • Workshops service orders/ services blanket contract/ agreement releases/ works orders, cost of repair, refurbishment/ major overhaul reports and design changes, etc.
    • Cross sectional drawings, data sheet, performance curves, drawings of modified parts, etc.
    • All MOC documents FC (e.g. MOC)
    • Other dynamic data reports such as condition monitoring/ predictive maintenance reports, etc.
  • We review, verify and update client’s CMMS/ SAP databases’ dirty dynamic data.
  • We review existing data pertaining to equipment history.
  • We check/ verify current data entry practices by maintenance/ support personnel and its load on their daily schedule.
  • We check/ verify low data quality and the reasons for the same.
  • We check/ study/ propose/ implement additional static/ dynamic data entry requirements.
  • We evaluate the existing equipment/ work order history in consultation with client’s maintenance teams and clean the data as required.
  • We set up quality control measures for data entry.